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Re: WikiLens stuff

Re: grabbing my email addr.  That's fine.  I should really publish this
address since it's temporary and could change it if it starts getting
spam.  I do put up a web page (stumbleupon) to which you may also contact
me.  Also, that stumbleupon page points to my home web server through
which you may also contact me.  I'm imminently contactable :-) ('though
you usually have to include keywords to get through my spam filter;
luckily you included "where-I-live" in your message :-).

Re: subcategories.  That sounds like a fine plan.  Now, it seems to me,
there's a race to "get my name in first" re: disambiguation.  I guess this
policy favors early adopters.

Re: implementation schedule.  I was thinking about this last night.  I
wish *I* had more time to help you.  I know the PhpWiki code (which is
sort of ugly, mostly due to limitations with the PHP language itself) and
I see that you make your code available.  (I'd also have to set up MySQL,
which I assume that you're using.  On my home machine, I use libdb4
( DB) which is quite unstable.)  I guess the main issue is time,
of course -- if too many people add too many top-level categories, it'll
be harder to migrate later.

Re: "/" hierarchy.  Yeah.  I'm going back to the non-"/" way, but now
there are inconsistencies in the naming scheme.  Oh, well.

 > From: Dan Frankowski <http://www.gmail.com/~dfrankow>
 > Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 10:55:08 -0600
 > robertb,
 > Thanks for your contributions to WikiLens!
 > I hope I am not being too forward by reaching into our DB to grab your
 > email to chat. Your homepage is now not editable except by admin, and
 > it seems to me you might be interested enough in WikiLens to chat more
 > directly.
 > Just to let you know, the fact that restaurant categories are
 > multiplying so fast makes me very nervous. :) It seems potentially
 > unfriendly to casual browsers. My eventual plan is to allow
 > subcategories as outlined on http://wikilens.org/wiki.php/SubCategory.
 > The idea is to have a single Restaurant page, but have "state" and
 > "city" as things that show up on that page, and if you click them, it
 > filters down the results to only what you selected. Thus, you'd go to
 > the Restaurant page, click "where-I-live" and it would show only where-I-live
 > restaurants. As for name collisions, I was planning to handle that as
 > Wikipedia does, with disambiguation pages and suffixes, just because
 > Wikipedia seems to be doing okay with it.
 > Anyway, the one unfortunate thing is I can't guarantee exactly when
 > I'll be able to implement subcats. I work on WikiLens mostly nights
 > and weekends, and those are also filled with other things. Thus, I
 > wouldn't dissuade you from creating all your subcats if you wish, but
 > I think eventually they will be folded into one cat through renaming.
 > Your feedback on all this is welcome, of course. It appears you were
 > attracted to the "/" hierarchical subcategories, as was I for awhile,
 > but when I showed it to people they found it unfriendly.
 > Dan

Why do you want this page removed?